Outlook Mail Merge - Preview E-mails Before Sending & Use a Secondary Account

Today at the office, I was trying to help someone do a quick e-mail merge using Microsoft Office. There are actually times, this is the preferred method over MailChimp, which we also use. We had our Excel spreadsheet of data done, we typed up the e-mail in Word & inserted our mail merge tags. Then I found out we needed to send from their non-primary account. This turned out to be rather difficult in our enterprise setting. So we came up with this hack to not only allow them to send the e-mails from their other account, but preview & edit individual e-mails as well.

  1. Open Outlook and click the "SEND/RECEIVE" tab on top.
  2. On the far right, click "Work Offline".
  3. In Word, send your mail merge by clicking "Finish & Merge" and then "Send Email Messages".

In Outlook all of your e-mails should now be in your Outbox folder of your primary account. Here you can edit them if you want or if you have a secondary account in Outlook you can drag them to the Outbox folder there to send from your secondary account.

Once you are ready to send your e-mails, just click the "Work Offline" button to start working online. If they don't send right away, try the "Send All" button in that same menu.

Matt Ferderer

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