Where to Begin Learning Elixir

I have been skimming a lot of resources lately on learning Elixir. My preferred learning method is to build things immediately, while learning the syntax and finer details along the way. I've never been a fan spending hours learning the finer details & not having anything to show for it. If that's your preferred style of learning I suggest the following resources:

Brand New to Elixir

If you haven't written any Elixir at all try these resources.

  • Take Off With Elixir

    • There is a free 30 minute preview which is one of the best explanations of the syntax I've seen. If you like it, you can even buy the full tutorial.
  • Code School Video Tutorials

    • Has a free course, a free screencast & a paid course.

If you would rather learn the syntax first, try the Official Getting Started Tutorial.

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